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5 Differences Between Spanish and English Object Pronouns

5 Differences Between Spanish and English Object Pronouns Because both are Indo-European languages, the grammars of Spanish and English are quite similar. Even so, grammatical differences between the two languages abound. Among them is the way that object pronouns are treated. Here are five ways that Spanish deals with object pronouns in ways that might not seem familiar to English speakers: Direct vs. Indirect Pronouns In the third person, Spanish distinguishes between direct and indirect object pronouns. The English third-person object pronouns are him, her and it in the singular and them in the plural, and the same words are used whether the object is direct or indirect. (In the simplest sense, although the distinctions dont always line up in the two languages, a direct object is one that is acted upon by a verb, while an indirect object is one affected by a verbs action even though the action is directed at someone or something else.) But in standard Spanish (exceptions are explained in our lesson on leà ­smo), the pronouns are distinguished like this: Singular direct objects: lo (masculine), la (feminine).Plural direct object: los (masculine), las (feminine).Singular indirect object: le.Plural indirect object: les. So while the simple English sentences I found her and I sent her a letter use the same pronoun her, a distinction is made in Spanish. The first sentence would be La encontrà ©, where la is a direct object, while the second would be Le mandà © una carta with le being the indirect object. (Letter or carta is the direct object.) Attaching Pronouns to Verbs In Spanish, object pronouns can be attached to some verbs. The pronouns can be attached to three verb forms: infinitives, gerunds and affirmative commands. The pronoun is written as part of the verb, and sometimes a written accent is needed to maintain the correct pronunciation. Here is an example of each of the verb types with an attached pronoun: Infinitive: Voy a amarte por siempre. (Im going to love you forever.)Gerund: Seguà ­an mirndonos. (They kept on looking at us.)Command:  ¡Cllate! (You shut up!) Different Distinctions The distinction between direct and indirect objects is different in the two languages. Taking note of which verbs require the use of le or les would be beyond the scope of this lesson. But it can be said that many Spanish verbs use the indirect-object pronoun where the pronoun in English would be viewed as a direct object. For example, in the sentence Le pidieron su direccià ³n (They asked him for his address), le is an indirect object. But in English, him would be viewed as a direct object because he was the one who was asked. The same is true in Le pegà ³ en la cabeza (They hit him in the head). Using Pronouns Redundantly It is common in Spanish to use an object pronoun even when the noun represented by the pronoun is explicitly stated. Such a redundant use of the pronoun often occurs when the object is named and appears before the verb: A Chris  le gusta escuchar mà ºsica. (Chris likes listening to music. See more in the lesson on gustar.)Toda la ropa la tenemos en descuento. (We have all the clothing on sale.) Note that the redundant pronoun isnt translated to English. The pronoun also is used redundantly in some cases to add emphasis, or often because thats what sounds right to native speakers even if such use isnt mandatory: Lo conocemos bien a este seà ±or. (We know this man well.)Le dieron un regalo a la nià ±a. (They gave a present to the girl.) Using Pronouns Alone Instead of In Phrases Spanish sometimes uses an indirect object pronoun where English would use a phrase. In English we often indicate who or what was affected by a verbs action with phrases such as for me or to him. In Spanish, it may not be necessary to make a phrase. The case where doing so sounds most unfamiliar may be with the verb ser (to be). For example, in Spanish you could say No me es posible for It is not possible for me. But similar constructions are possible with other verbs as well. For example, Le robaron el dinero means They stole the money from him or They stole the money from her.

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Marketing research leads to analysis paralysis Essay

Marketing research leads to analysis paralysis - Essay Example For example, Benz cars are one of the costly vehicles in the world. So it can be successfully implemented in developed or developing countries whereas it might not be an ideal choice for the people of underdeveloped countries. Consider Benz is trying to introduce their expensive vehicles in Indian market. In India, different geographical regions have different type of economies and Benz need to account for these geographical economical and cultural differences before formulating their marketing strategies. Sachin Tendulkar might be a better brand ambassador for Indian conditions whereas he may not be the same in Chinese conditions. Thus marketing is a complicated task which needs lot of researches and analysis for the successful movement of the product in a particular region or market. Millions of dollars spent for the market research and analysis by the marketers which lead towards a situation; analysis paralysis. Primary market research is based on the data collected directly from the market. It is classified into two categories; qualitative and quantitative based on the characteristics of the data collected. ‘Gathering of descriptive information, usually representing verbal or narrative data through open-ended interviews or focus groups usually come under qualitative data whereas gathering of numerical information that can be analyzed statistically through surveys come under quantitative data’(Small business notes, 2009) Open interviews composed of descriptive questions often used to collect qualitative data. The probability of answers like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ would be avoided while formulating questions for collecting qualitative data through interviews. The interviewees would be forced to open their minds and to answer questions with more details if the questions are designed correctly. The greatest benefit of qualitative research is its ability gather dat a about the common trends, emotional motivators, and general likes and dislikes of the

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Find causes of the problem in article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Find causes of the problem in article - Essay Example It would seem that the problem will not easily be solved because the reasons behind it are both economical and political. This quote from the same article practically sums up the causes for the problem: According to Education Department statistics, 12 percent of students at public two-year colleges reported having a disability of some type in 2007-8. Of those, 10 percent said they had a mental, emotional, or psychiatric condition, and 11.5 percent said they suffered from depression. Other studies indicate that the numbers could be higher: A fall 2009 survey by the American College Health Association found that 9.2 percent of college students at all types of institutions reported being diagnosed with depression, and 9.4 percent with anxiety. (2010) School counselors these days are faced with students who need more than just a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to them. These are problems that require a lot more time and participation in the students everyday lives, neither of which these counselors have a lot of. The outcome? Lack of manpower and unserviced students. The first reason that he presents is that the economic recession has caused an overflow in college enrollment since there are people of far more advanced ages who find themselves without jobs and in need of career retraining. The only place that they can get their retraining is in college. So, instead of having a single counselor deal with say 10 students, that person now deals with 50 - 100 students per day. Another reason for the lack of counselors would be that these educational institutions are not recession proof either. Even though they have an influx of students, the school administration still has to deal with other bills and costs that are needed in order to run the school, causing them to retrench certain employees. These retrenched employees usually come from the Guidance Counseling department. We have to recognize

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Effects of Peer Pressure on Decision Making Essay Example for Free

Effects of Peer Pressure on Decision Making Essay Our Peer-to-Peer interaction affects us every day. From decisions, we make, to the places we go. It is human nature to listen and learn from other people. Though we would like to think we have control over outside influences, studies show that our surroundings play a key role in how we function. Solomon Asch’s (1950) social experiment demonstrated, consumers often modify their responses, consciously or subconsciously, when surrounded by others with conflicting opinions. Peer Pressure is only rising in today’s society; it can’t be escaped! Our teenagers are the most influenced by peer pressure. Peers influence people because they want to fit in, be like peers they admire, do what others are doing, Its only natural for people to identify with and compare themselves to their peers as they consider how they wish to be (or think they should be), or what they want to achieve. see more:negative effects of peer pressure Peer Pressure is essential to social development. Its cant be escaped! In turn peer pressure can develop a good character, if its learned to be worked the right way. There are 3 main goals that individuals have in the long term: †¢Accuracy – in that individuals seek practical, consistent actions that are reproducible, through the information they already have and the actions that they do. Think of it as a need to achieve goals effectively and with the greatest perceived reward. †¢Affiliation – in that individuals seek gratification that their actions ingratiate them with other individuals. Think of it as a need to create social relationships with others in a meaningful, maintainable manner. †¢Maintenance of a Positive Self-Impression – in that people have a constant want to increase their own self-awareness so that they can feel better about themselves. Think of it as a need to behave in a manner that boosts their pre-existing self image – through action, statement, belief etc.

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Daisy in The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald Essay -- Great Gatsby Fitzgera

Daisy in The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the character of Daisy Buchanan undergoes many noticeable changes. Daisy is a symbol of wealth and of promises broken. She is a character we grow to feel sorry for but probably should not. Born Daisy Fay in Louisville, Kentucky, Daisy was always the princess in the tower, the golden girl that every man dreamed of possessing. ?She dressed in white, and had a little white roadster, and all the day long the telephone rang in her house and excited young officers from Camp Taylor demanded the privilege of monopolizing her that night,? (79). Daisy is beautiful, rich, and appears very innocent as a young woman, although it is later suggested that she was quite promiscuous. While she was the object of every man?s desire, Daisy was madly in love with Jay Gatsby. Daisy tried to escape to New York to see Gatsby off to war but was prevented by her parents because Jay did not meet their standards. They disapproved of him because he did not have as much money or come from a family in the same social class as their own. Though Daisy wrote letters to Gatsby and promised to remain faithful she married Tom Buchanan from Chicago the very next year. Tom was incredibly wealthy and ?the day before the wedding he gave her a string of pearls valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars,? (80). Daisy seemed to be madly in love with her new husband and looked to be very happy. Daisy has been married to Tom for quite a considerable amount of time and they have already had a daughter by the time Daisy?s cousin, Nick, reappears in Daisy?s life. Mrs. Buchanan is extremely friendly with her cousin and always seems glad to see h... ...nted everyone to feel sorry for Daisy. However, one finds it hard to feel sorry for someone as well off as herself. She is a symbol of money and the corruption it brings. One must be careful not to identify Daisy with the green light at the end of her dock. The green light is the promise, the dream. Daisy herself is much less than that. Even Gatsby must realize that having Daisy in the flesh is much, much less than what he imagined it would be when he fell in love with the idea of her. While Daisy Buchanan undergoes numerous changes throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, she remains a symbol of wealth, broken promises, and dreams corrupted. While one finds it easy to feel sorry for her, she is in no means the victim of the novel. Work Cited F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1992

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Costs of Production at San Juan Cell Phones

Costs of production at San Juan Cell Phones This is clearly a challenge for Lisa. If Lisa decides to take the order she will have the opportunity to run the factory to capacity over the next three months and fulfill a Company Value by keeping employees working, in addition, she will have a bonus check on her pocket. This will be the optimal decision if the factory had excess capacity of 100,000 and Big Box asking price remains $20 per unit. Let’s say Lisa decides to use the Beta Model Line to make the additional 30,000 units, since we are short on information let’s assume that because of the production line change the factory will be 30,000 short on Beta Models. Based on table 1 (Unit Profitability Report) and if units are sold accordingly then San Juan Cell Phones will generate a profit of $90,000 by manufacturing and selling the Alpha model vs. 240,000 profit generated by manufacturing and selling the Beta model. San Juan Cell Phones will risk $150,000 in profit with the production line change alternative. If the company decides to honor the asking price then San Juan Cell Phones will generate losses. If phones are sold at $15 each and variable cost per unit remains same based on table 1 (Unit Profitability Report) then the company will lose $2 per unit making it a $200,000 or a $140,000 deficit. Variable cost will have to decrease $2+ in order to gain some profit. Another alternative will be to hire the OEM to manufacture the entire order. This alternative will be the most profitable one with a $100,000 profit gain without literary doing anything. Mrs. Norman needs to realize that gains may not be always in the shape of money and that she needs to comply with company values in order to maintain integrity which is very important in business today. It is clear that a deal with a major chain like Big Box will bring a good advertisement for the company which eventually will bring more buyers and that will bring more profit to the company, so no matter what happens the company will benefit from this order if production is handled correctly. Keeping that in mind, ordering the OEM to manufacture the entire order is the most attractive option in terms of money but will not run the factory at capacity and will not keep the employees working which is one of the company’s values. In my opinion there is a happy medium to the situation that could bring some profit will keep the employees working and will comply with the order in time. Dividing the production between San Juan Cell Phones and the OEM will fulfilled most of Mrs. Norman needs. Buy hiring the OEM to manufacture 2/3 of the order will make it even with profit of the OEM deal paying for the losses made by producing the Alpha models within the company’s facility and selling it at the requested price ($14). Since profits were good and cost control met standards this will be an alternative to Lisa because production will increase 33,334 units decreasing the excess capacity to 36,667. In other words factory will be producing closer to its capacity, will keep employees working and will provide the costumers a quality product on time. If Lisa wants to gain profit from the deal then she needs to decide how many more units the OEM needs to manufacture with little impact on factory productivity, employment and of course her bonus.

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The United States Battle Against Racism Essay - 1830 Words

The United States battle against racism has come a long way from the days of colonialism, slavery, strict policies and segregation and yet, discrimination and inequality continue to persist in our society. Howard Winant, an American sociologist and race theorist and writer of â€Å"Racism from Domination to Hegemony,† stated that â€Å"the meaning of racism has changed over time. The attitudes, practices and institutions of epochs of colonialism, segregation†¦ may not have been entirely eliminated, but neither do they operate today in the same ways they did half a century ago (Winant 128).† The meaning and how racism operates may have changed over time but its negative connotations and implications in society continue to limit the individual’s understanding, exploration, and acceptance of the complexity of each individual. Presently, racism appears less blatant and may appear â€Å"more acceptable,† but its existence and effect is undeniable. As a res ult, it continues to destroy society’s cohesion and ideas for equality. Racism is the ideology that devalues and renders other racial and ethnic group as inferior as reflected through the individual’s interaction, expression, and attitudes towards others (Racism No Way). Racism has shifted its course from previously stricter policies and changed its form. The transition of domination to hegemony is a result from the re-articulation of racism in response to social changes in society. Hegemony is the domination of a group who has maintained itsShow MoreRelatedThe Confederate Flag : Controversy Or Logical Solution?1717 Words   |  7 PagesThe Confederate Flag: Controversy or Logical Solution? The Confederate flag has been a topic of controversy in the United States for many years. It and other symbols of the Confederacy are parts of many state flags in the South and it is even flown at several state buildings throughout the South. To some the Confederate flag is a historical symbol and is believed to be a way of remembering the Civil War that almost tore the nation in two, but to others it represents fear and hatred due to its useRead MoreAmerican Imperialism : America s Quest For Dominance1223 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent ideologies. One of them is a new start away from Britain and the other was the continued encroachment against the native population. It started off with the need of survival and it continued until the destruction of an entire people and culture was nearly complete. Soon, after the civil war Americans began pushing west in the name of â€Å"manifest destiny, the belief that the United States had a ‘God-given’ right to aggressively spread the values of white civilization and expand the nation fromRead MoreRacism In To Kill A Mockingbird1570 Words   |  7 Pageshistory, racism has enslaved and segregated many races in other countries, but in the United States, the African-Americans have especially been victims of racism and segregation based upon their color. In recent history, the struggle to achieve equality and eradicate racism in the United States has been an ongoing battle since the late 1800’s. In Harper Lee s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee uses her own experience and draws from events during her childhood to bring to expose racism againstRead MoreShould Drugs Be Legal?1337 Words   |  6 Pages3. The basic principle that the United States was founded on, liberty, is defined as â€Å"freedom from restraint.† The federal government’s policies regarding drugs are contradictory with the foundation of our country. Individuals have an inherent governance over their body, and should be allowed to use all types of drugs, no matter the effect of the drug on the human body. Marijuana, which is probably the most harmless drug to ingest, should be allowed; Heroin and methamphetamine, which are arguablyRead MoreRacism Essay1634 Words   |  7 Pages1 Writing 121 Racism Changes Lives Racism is defined as views, practices, and actions reflecting the belief that human beings are divided into certain categories known as races and that these members share common attributes amongst one another. This definition causes a specific group or race to be less desirable, more desirable, inferior, or superior. The segregation between ethnicities have stirred many debates, battles, and controversy. Another issue that is related to racism would have to beRead MoreThe Battle Flag Of The Confederacy1391 Words   |  6 Pagesthroughout each battle, carried the battle flag of the Confederacy. Throughout the Civil War, this flag took six different forms, for design flaws led to confusion on the battlefield. Each soldier, standing tall, did not fight for a flag, but under it. As an emblem of courage and honor, and a representation of their way of life, the â€Å"Rebel Flag† still stands as a symbol of pride in the southern United States. South Carolina’s contest of whe ther or not to permanently lower the flag flying over state groundsRead MoreThe Confederate Flag And The Civil War1508 Words   |  7 PagesThe Confederate Flag The Confederate Flag is the symbol for the Southern state in the Civil War. It is not just pieces of material. The flag represent families and where they came from. Flags have been a part of history since the beginning of time and the Confederate flag is a large part of the United States history. People need to learn what the flag has represented. The true meaning. Not what they think the flag has represented. Teaching the meaning of the Confederate flag needs to start in theRead MoreThe Confederate Flag, By Winston Churchill1598 Words   |  7 PagesAs Winston Churchill stated, â€Å"The flags of the Confederate States of America were very important and a matter of great pride to those citizens living in the confederacy. They are also a matter of great pride for their descendants as part of their heritage and history,† but in present day, the American people are claiming the meaning of the confederate flag is hate and discrimination. In South Carolina, the confederate flag was taken down and placed in a museum after a heated debate stemming fromRead MoreInvisible Man By Ralph Ellison1503 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Battle Royale,† by Ralph Ellison, is the first chapter of his critically acclaimed book, Invisible Man. It describes the harrowing and hurtful treatment an unnamed African American male experiences in the south. Ellison tackles the hatred and racism experienced by blacks in the United States. Racism and hatred haunted the narrator, resulting in the violence he witnesses that surrounds him. Ellison does a great job of implementing the hatred and cruelty of American racism into his story. This resultsRead MoreRacism in the United States787 Words   |  3 PagesRacism is the trend of thought, or way of thinking, which attaches great importance to the notion of the existence of separate human races and superiority of races that are usually associated with inherited physical characteristics or cultural events. Racism is not a scientific theory, but a set of preconceived opinions they value the biological differences between humans, attributing superiority to some according to racial roots. Even in such ethnically diverse country as the United States, racism